Niche Actors London is a boutique, specialist actors agency, based in London. We were founded with over a decade of experience, leading a top London actors agency. 

We truly believe that the best way for an actor to succeed in this business is to really find out what makes them stand out from the crowd, and hone in on, and develop that niche quality that makes them special.

Here at Niche Actors London we represent actors who stand out from the crowd. Apart from having a unique talent and high levels of professionalism, our Niche actors come in all shapes and sizes, ethnicities,  stemming from differing UK regions and from all corners of the world. 

All applicants are personally interviewed, to ensure that they have professional credits, excellent showreel, professional headshots and spotlight page. For this reason, we remain top choice for most popular casting directors in London.

Many of our Niche actors appear regularly on the west end stage and engage in Film and television projects both at national and international level.